Interface IThemeManager

public interface IThemeManager
A theme manager is an object that contains references to usable ITheme objects and maintains a reference to the currently active theme. This theme will be used by the workbench to decorate tab folders and other controls where possible. The workbench implementation of this interface will push the values of the current theme into the underlying jface registries (ColorRegistry and FontRegistry whenever the current theme changes. Clients who do not need access to specific themes may instead attach listeners to these registries directly.

This interface is not intended to be implemented or extended by clients.

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This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients.
  • Field Details

  • Method Details

    • addPropertyChangeListener

      void addPropertyChangeListener(IPropertyChangeListener listener)
      Adds a property listener to the manager. Any events fired by the underlying registries of the current theme will cause an event to be fired. This event is the same event that was fired by the registry. As such, the "source" attribute of the event will not be this manager, but rather the color or font registry. Additionally, an event is fired when the current theme changes to a new theme. The "property" attribute of such an event will have the value CHANGE_CURRENT_THEME.
      listener - the listener to add
    • getCurrentTheme

      ITheme getCurrentTheme()
      Get the currently active theme.
      the current theme. This will never be null.
    • getTheme

      ITheme getTheme(String id)
      Get a theme.
      id - the theme to find.
      the ITheme or null if it cannot be found.
    • removePropertyChangeListener

      void removePropertyChangeListener(IPropertyChangeListener listener)
      Removes a property listener from the workbench.
      listener - the listener to remove
    • setCurrentTheme

      void setCurrentTheme(String id)
      Set the currently active theme.
      id - the id of the new active theme