Interface IElementStateListener

public interface IElementStateListener
Interface for parties interested in standardized element changes. These changes are:
  • dirty state changes
  • content replacements
  • moves
  • deletions
The notifications sent to the element state listeners inform about those standardized, abstract changes. The concrete change applied might differ from the one the listeners are notified about, but should be interpreted as the one the listeners receive.

In order to provided backward compatibility for clients of IElementStateListener, extension interfaces are used to provide a means of evolution. The following extension interface exists:

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  • Method Details

    • elementDirtyStateChanged

      void elementDirtyStateChanged(Object element, boolean isDirty)
      Notifies that the dirty state of the given element has changed.
      element - the element
      isDirty - the new dirty state
    • elementContentAboutToBeReplaced

      void elementContentAboutToBeReplaced(Object element)
      Notifies that the content of the given element is about to be replaced.
      element - the element
    • elementContentReplaced

      void elementContentReplaced(Object element)
      Notifies that the content of the given element has been replaced.
      element - the element
    • elementDeleted

      void elementDeleted(Object element)
      Notifies that the given element has been deleted.
      element - the element
    • elementMoved

      void elementMoved(Object originalElement, Object movedElement)
      Notifies that the element has moved. If movedElement is null it is similar to elementDeleted(originalElement).
      originalElement - the element before the move
      movedElement - the element after the move