Class AbstractTextEditor.LineEndAction

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protected class AbstractTextEditor.LineEndAction extends TextNavigationAction
This action implements smart end. Instead of going to the end of a line it does the following: - if smart home/end is enabled and the caret is before the line's last non-whitespace and then the caret is moved directly after it - if the caret is after last non-whitespace the caret is moved at the end of the line - if the caret is at the end of the line the caret is moved directly after the line's last non-whitespace character
2.1 (in 3.3 the access modifier changed from package visibility to protected)
  • Constructor Details

    • LineEndAction

      public LineEndAction(StyledText textWidget, boolean doSelect)
      Create a new line end action.
      textWidget - the styled text widget
      doSelect - a boolean flag which tells if the text up to the line end should be selected
  • Method Details

    • getLineEndPosition

      protected int getLineEndPosition(IDocument document, String line, int length, int offset)
      Computes the offset of the line end position.
      document - the document where to compute the line end position
      line - the line to determine the end position of
      length - the length of the line
      offset - the caret position in the document
      the offset of the line end
      3.4 protected, was added in 3.3 as private method
    • run

      public void run()
      Description copied from class: Action
      The default implementation of this IAction method does nothing. Subclasses should override this method if they do not need information from the triggering event, or override runWithEvent(Event) if they do.
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      run in interface IAction
      run in class TextNavigationAction
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