Interface IServiceWithSources

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All Known Subinterfaces:
IContextService, IEvaluationService, IHandlerService, IMenuService

public interface IServiceWithSources extends IDisposable

A service that responds to changes in one or more sources. These sources can be plugged into the service. Sources represent a common event framework for services.

Clients must not extend or implement.

  • Method Details

    • addSourceProvider

      void addSourceProvider(ISourceProvider provider)
      Adds a source provider to this service. A source provider will notify the service when the source it provides changes. An example of a source might be an active editor or the current selection. This amounts to a pluggable state tracker for the service.
      provider - The provider to add; must not be null.
    • removeSourceProvider

      void removeSourceProvider(ISourceProvider provider)
      Removes a source provider from this service. Most of the time, this method call is not required as source providers typically share the same life span as the workbench itself.
      provider - The provider to remove; must not be null.