Class AbstractServiceFactory

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public abstract class AbstractServiceFactory extends Object
A factory for creating services for use with the extension point. You are given a service locator to look up other services, and can retrieve your parent service (if one has already been created).
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractServiceFactory

      public AbstractServiceFactory()
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    • create

      public abstract Object create(Class serviceInterface, IServiceLocator parentLocator, IServiceLocator locator)
      When a service locator cannot find a service it will request one from the registry, which will call this factory create method.

      You can use the locator to get any needed services and a parent service locator will be provided if you need access to the parent service. If the parent object return from the parent locator is not null it can be cast to the service interface that is requested. The parent service locator will only return the serviceInterface service.

      serviceInterface - the service we need to create. Will not be null.
      parentLocator - A locator that can return a parent service instance if desired. The parent service can be cast to serviceInterface. Will not be null.
      locator - the service locator which can be used to retrieve dependent services. Will not be null
      the created service or null