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public interface IProgressConstants2 extends IProgressConstants
Constants relating to progress UI functionality of the workbench plug-in.

The constants define property keys that are used to associate UI related information with Jobs ( This class is a superset of all previously defined progress constants.

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This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients.
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      static final String PROPERTY_PREFIX
      Common prefix for properties defined in this interface.
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      static final QualifiedName COMMAND_PROPERTY
      This property is used to associate a ParameterizedCommand with a Job. If the Job is shown in the UI, the command might be represented as a button or hyper link to allow the user to trigger a job specific action, like showing the Job's results.

      Note: Only one of ACTION_PROPERTY or COMMAND_PROPERTY should be used

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      static final QualifiedName SHOW_IN_TASKBAR_ICON_PROPERTY
      This property provides a hint to the progress UI to show the progress of the job in the application TaskBar

      The property must be of type Boolean and the hint is used if its value is true.