Interface IWorkingCopyManager

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    public interface IWorkingCopyManager
    IWorkingCopyManager is the interface for the working copy support for references to shared preference nodes.
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      • getWorkingCopy

        IEclipsePreferences getWorkingCopy​(IEclipsePreferences original)
        Return a working copy instance based on the given preference node. If a working copy already exists then return it, otherwise create one and keep track of it for other clients who are looking for it.
        original - the original node
        the working copy node
      • applyChanges

        void applyChanges()
                   throws BackingStoreException
        Apply the changes for all working copies, to their original preference nodes. Alternatively, if a client wishes to apply the changes for a single working copy they can call #flush on that working copy node.
        BackingStoreException - if there were problems accessing the backing store