Class FileEditorInputFactory

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class FileEditorInputFactory extends Object implements IElementFactory
Factory for saving and restoring a FileEditorInput. The stored representation of a FileEditorInput remembers the full path of the file (that is, IFile.getFullPath).

The workbench will automatically create instances of this class as required. It is not intended to be instantiated or subclassed by the client.

This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.
This class is not intended to be instantiated by clients.
  • Constructor Details

    • FileEditorInputFactory

      public FileEditorInputFactory()
      Creates a new factory.
  • Method Details

    • createElement

      public IAdaptable createElement(IMemento memento)
      Description copied from interface: IElementFactory
      Re-creates and returns an object from the state captured within the given memento.

      If the result is not null, it should be persistable; that is,


      should not return null.

      Specified by:
      createElement in interface IElementFactory
      memento - a memento containing the state for the object
      an object, or null if the element could not be created
    • getFactoryId

      public static String getFactoryId()
      Returns the element factory id for this class.
      the element factory id
    • saveState

      public static void saveState(IMemento memento, FileEditorInput input)
      Saves the state of the given file editor input into the given memento.
      memento - the storage area for element state
      input - the file editor input