Interface ILinkHelper

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public interface ILinkHelper

Provides information to the Common Navigator on how to link selections with active editors and vice versa.

The Common Navigator allows clients to plug-in their own custom logic for linking selections from the Viewer to active editors. This interface is used by the org.eclipse.ui.navigator.linkHelper extension point to gather information and trigger editor activations.

  • Method Details

    • findSelection

      IStructuredSelection findSelection(IEditorInput anInput)

      Determine the correct structured selection for the Common Navigator given anInput.

      anInput - An Editor input
      A selection to be set against the CommonViewer
    • activateEditor

      void activateEditor(IWorkbenchPage aPage, IStructuredSelection aSelection)

      Activate the correct editor for aSelection.

      aPage - A WorkbenchPage to use for editor location and activation
      aSelection - The current selection from the CommonViewer