Class PreferenceLinkArea

  • public class PreferenceLinkArea
    extends Object
    The PreferenceLinkArea is the link area used to open a specific preference page.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PreferenceLinkArea

        public PreferenceLinkArea​(Composite parent,
                                  int style,
                                  String pageId,
                                  String message,
                                  IWorkbenchPreferenceContainer pageContainer,
                                  Object pageData)
        Create a new instance of the receiver
        parent - the parent Composite
        style - the SWT style
        pageId - the page id
        message - the message to use as text. If this message has {0} in its value it will be bound with the displayed name of the preference page. This message must be well formed html if you wish to link to another page.
        pageContainer - - The container another page will be opened in.
        pageData - - The data to apply to the page.
    • Method Detail

      • getControl

        public Control getControl()
        Return the control for the receiver.