Class ContainerGenerator


public class ContainerGenerator extends Object
For creating folder resources that currently do not exist, along a given workspace path.

This class may be instantiated; it is not intended to be subclassed.

Example usage:

 ContainerGenerator gen = new ContainerGenerator(IPath.fromOSString("/A/B"));
 IContainer res = null;
 try {
        res = gen.getContainer(monitor); // creates project A and folder B if required
 } catch (CoreException e) {
        // handle failure
 } catch (OperationCanceledException e) {
        // handle cancelation
This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.
  • Constructor Details

    • ContainerGenerator

      public ContainerGenerator(IPath containerPath)
      Creates a generator for the container resource (folder or project) at the given workspace path. Assumes the path has already been validated.

      Call getContainer to create any missing resources along the path.

      containerPath - the workspace path of the container
  • Method Details

    • generateContainer

      public IContainer generateContainer(IProgressMonitor monitor) throws CoreException
      Ensures that this generator's container resource exists. Creates any missing resource containers along the path; does nothing if the container resource already exists.

      Note: This method should be called within a workspace modify operation since it may create resources.

      monitor - a progress monitor
      the container resource
      CoreException - if the operation fails
      OperationCanceledException - if the operation is canceled