Interface IPatternMatchListenerDelegate

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    public interface IPatternMatchListenerDelegate
    A pattern match listener delegate is notified of regular expression matches in a text console. A delegate is contributed via the consolePatternMatcherListeners extension point.

    Clients contributing a console pattern match listener extension are intended to implement this interface.

    See Also:
    IPatternMatchListener, TextConsole
    • Method Detail

      • connect

        void connect​(TextConsole console)
        Notification that pattern matching will begin in the specified console. A pattern matcher is connected to only one console at a time.
        console - the console in which pattern matching will be performed
      • disconnect

        void disconnect()
        Notification that pattern matching has been completed in the console this delegate was last connected to.
      • matchFound

        void matchFound​(PatternMatchEvent event)
        Notification that a match has been found.
        event - event describing where the match was found