Interface IConsoleFactory

  • public interface IConsoleFactory
    A console factory extension is responsible for opening a console in the console view. Extensions appear on a menu in the console view, and their openConsole method is called when the action is invoked. Implementations may choose to open a new console or activate an existing console. The extension point used to contribute a console factory is org.eclipse.ui.console.consoleFactories.

    Following is an example console factory extension.

     <extension point="org.eclipse.ui.console.consoleFactories">
          label="Command Console"

    An action appears in the console view's 'Open Console' drop-down menu with the corresponding label and optional icon. When the action is invoked, the specified class is instantiated and called to open a console, via the method openConsole().

    Clients providing console factory extensions are intended to implement this interface.

    • Method Detail

      • openConsole

        void openConsole()
        Opens a console in the console view. Implementations may create a new console or activate an existing console.