Package org.eclipse.ui.commands

package org.eclipse.ui.commands

Provides support for retrieving information on Commands from the workbench.

Package Specification

Most of org.eclipse.ui.commands.* is depracated in favour of org.eclipse.core.commands, but the ICommandService and associated classes are used to access the workbench view of org.eclipse.core.commands. getService(ICommandService.class) can be used to get the ICommandService from the workbench, workbench window, or part site.

  • Class
    A generic implementation of IParameterValues that takes advantage of the IExecutableExtension mechanism.
    Provides a look-up facility for images associated with commands.
    Provides services related to the command architecture within the workbench.
    the ICommandService will return a reference for all callbacks that are registered.
    An IHandler for a command that expects to provide feedback through the registered element mechanism must implement this interface.