Interface IWorkbenchListener

    • Method Detail

      • preShutdown

        boolean preShutdown​(IWorkbench workbench,
                            boolean forced)
        Notifies that the workbench is about to shut down.

        This method is called immediately prior to workbench shutdown before any windows have been closed.

        The listener may veto a regular shutdown by returning false, although this will be ignored if the workbench is being forced to shut down.

        Since other workbench listeners may veto the shutdown, the listener should not dispose resources or do any other work during this notification that would leave the workbench in an inconsistent state.

        workbench - the workbench
        forced - true if the workbench is being forced to shutdown, false for a regular close
        true to allow the workbench to proceed with shutdown, false to veto a non-forced shutdown
      • postShutdown

        void postShutdown​(IWorkbench workbench)
        Performs arbitrary finalization after the workbench stops running.

        This method is called during workbench shutdown after all windows have been closed.

        workbench - the workbench