Interface IPerspectiveListener2

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
IPerspectiveListener3, IPerspectiveListener4
All Known Implementing Classes:
PerspectiveAdapter, PerspectiveTracker

public interface IPerspectiveListener2 extends IPerspectiveListener
Extension interface to IPerspectiveListener which adds support for listening to part-specific perspective lifecycle events. For example, this allows a perspective listener to determine which view is being hidden during a CHANGE_VIEW_HIDE event.

This interface may be implemented by clients.

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    • perspectiveChanged

      void perspectiveChanged(IWorkbenchPage page, IPerspectiveDescriptor perspective, IWorkbenchPartReference partRef, String changeId)
      Notifies this listener that a part in the given page's perspective has changed in some way (for example, view show/hide, editor open/close, etc).
      page - the workbench page containing the perspective
      perspective - the descriptor for the changed perspective
      partRef - the reference to the affected part
      changeId - one of the CHANGE_* constants on IWorkbenchPage