Interface IPersistableEditor

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    AbstractDecoratedTextEditor, AbstractTextEditor, StatusTextEditor, TextEditor

    public interface IPersistableEditor
    extends IPersistable
    An editor can implement this interface and participate in the workbench session save/restore cycle using IMemento, similar to how IViewPart currently works.

    Refer to IWorkbenchPart for the part lifecycle.

    If a memento is available, restoreState(*) will be inserted into the editor startup.

    1. editor.init(site, input)
    2. editor.restoreState(memento)
    3. editor.createPartControl(parent)
    4. ...

    On workbench shutdown, the editor state will be persisted when the editor references are saved.

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      • restoreState

        void restoreState​(IMemento memento)
        Called with a memento for this editor. The editor can parse the data or save the memento. This method may not be called.
        memento - the saved state for this editor. May be null.