Interface INavigationHistory

  • public interface INavigationHistory
    Manages a list of entries to keep a history of locations on editors, enabling the user to go back and forward without losing context. The history is a list of INavigationLocation and a pointer to the current location. Whenever the back or forward action runs the history restores the previous or next location. The back and/or forward actions should not change the content of the history in any way. If the user steps N times in one direction (back or forward) and then N times to the oposite direction, the editor and location should be exactly the same as before. Clients must guarantee that the current location is always in the history, which can be done either by marking a new location or by updating the current location. Not intended to be implemented by clients.
    This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients.
    • Method Detail

      • markLocation

        void markLocation​(IEditorPart part)
        Mark the current location into the history. This message should be sent by clients whenever significant changes in location are detected. The location is obtained by calling INavigationLocationProvider.createNavigationLocation
        part - the editor part
      • getCurrentLocation

        INavigationLocation getCurrentLocation()
        Returns the current location.
        the current location
      • getLocations

        INavigationLocation[] getLocations()
        Returns all entries in the history.
        all entries in the history