Class ModelSynchronizeParticipantActionGroup


public class ModelSynchronizeParticipantActionGroup extends SynchronizePageActionGroup
Action group that contributes the merge actions to the model synchronize participant. The groups adds the following:
  • A toolbar action for attempting an auto-merge
  • Context menu merge actions that delegate to the model's merge action handlers.
  • TODO a merge all and overwrite all menu item?

Subclasses can configure the label and icons used for the merge actions by overriding configureMergeAction(String, Action) and can configure where in the context menu the actions appear by overriding addToContextMenu(String, Action, IMenuManager).

  • Field Details


      public static final String MERGE_ACTION_GROUP
      The id of the merge action group that determines where the merge actions (e.g. merge and overwrite) appear in the context menu or toolbar.
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      public static final String OTHER_ACTION_GROUP
      The id of the action group that determines where the other actions (e.g. mark-as-merged) appear in the context menu.
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      protected static final String MERGE_ALL_ACTION_ID
      The id used to identify the Merge All action.
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  • Constructor Details

    • ModelSynchronizeParticipantActionGroup

      public ModelSynchronizeParticipantActionGroup()
      Create a merge action group.
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