Interface ISynchronizationScopeParticipant

  • public interface ISynchronizationScopeParticipant
    A scope participant is responsible for ensuring that the resources contained within an ISynchronizationScope that overlap with the participant's model provider stay up-to-date with the model elements (represented as ResourceMapping instances) contained in the scope.

    Clients may implement this interface.

    See Also:
    ResourceMapping, ISynchronizationScopeManager
    • Method Detail

      • handleContextChange

        ResourceMapping[] handleContextChange​(ISynchronizationScope scope,
                                              IResource[] resources,
                                              IProject[] projects)
        Callback that the manager makes to participants when the state of resources that are contained in the resource mapping context of the manager change. This method will only be invoked when the context of the manager is a RemoteResourceMappingContext and the state of one or more resources changes w.r.t. the context. It is the responsibility of the participant to react to local changes that affect the resources in the scope by calling ISynchronizationScope.refresh(ResourceMapping[]).
        scope - the scope
        resources - the changed resources
        projects - projects that were either added or removed
        the resource mappings that need to be refreshed.
      • dispose

        void dispose()
        Callback from the scope manager when the scope is no longer needed. This si done to give participants a chance to remove a registered IResourceChangeListener or any other listeners.