Package org.eclipse.swt.ole.win32

package org.eclipse.swt.ole.win32
SWT Win32 OLE implementation classes.

Package Specification

This package contains the classes which provide the public API to the the Microsoft Win32 Object Linking and Embedding mechanism that the win32 variant of SWT is capable of using.

Referencing any of the classes in this package directly guarantees that the code is platform specific.

  • Class
    OLE contains all the constants used to create an ActiveX Control or an OLE Document.
    OleAutomation provides a generic mechanism for accessing functionality that is specific to a particular ActiveX Control or OLE Document.
    OleClientSite provides a site to manage an embedded OLE Document within a container.
    OleControlSite provides a site to manage an embedded ActiveX Control within a container.
    OleFrame is an OLE Container's top level frame.
    Implementers of OleListener provide a simple handleEvent() method that is used internally by SWT to dispatch events.
    A Variant is a generic OLE mechanism for passing data of different types via a common interface.