Package org.eclipse.swt.internal

package org.eclipse.swt.internal
SWT internal classes

Package Specification

This package provides the Callback class which is used to map the operating system's callback mechanism to Java message sends, and the Converter class which provides translation between Unicode and platform specific character sets.

Applications should not need to reference the classes in this package directly.

  • Class
    Instances of this class represent entry points into Java which can be invoked from operating system level callback routines.
    This class is a placeholder for utility methods commonly used on J2SE platforms but not supported on some J2ME profiles.
    This class hold common constants and utility functions w.r.t. to SWT high DPI functionality.
    AutoScale ImageDataProvider.
    Represents an element, such as some image data, at a specific zoom level.
    The intent of this class is to insulate SWT from exceptions occurring in user's listeners, so that SWT remains stable and does not accidentally crash JVM or enter some very broken state.
    This interface is the cross-platform version of the java.util.EventListener interface.
    Helper class to allow widget creation and disposal monitoring
    Default implementation simply collects all created and not disposed widgets
    Custom callback to register widget creation / disposal