Class TreeDropTargetEffect

All Implemented Interfaces:
EventListener, DropTargetListener, SWTEventListener

public class TreeDropTargetEffect extends DropTargetEffect
This class provides a default drag under effect (eg. select, insert, scroll and expand) when a drag occurs over a Tree.

Classes that wish to provide their own drag under effect for a Tree can extend the TreeDropTargetEffect class and override any applicable methods in TreeDropTargetEffect to display their own drag under effect.

Subclasses that override any methods of this class must call the corresponding super method to get the default drag under effect implementation.

The feedback value is either one of the FEEDBACK constants defined in class DND which is applicable to instances of this class, or it must be built by bitwise OR'ing together (that is, using the int "|" operator) two or more of those DND effect constants.


Note: Only one of the styles FEEDBACK_SELECT, FEEDBACK_INSERT_BEFORE or FEEDBACK_INSERT_AFTER may be specified.

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    • TreeDropTargetEffect

      public TreeDropTargetEffect(Tree tree)
      Creates a new TreeDropTargetEffect to handle the drag under effect on the specified Tree.
      tree - the Tree over which the user positions the cursor to drop the data
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