Interface IFileMatchAdapter

  • public interface IFileMatchAdapter
    This interface serves to map matches to IFile instances. Changes to those files are then tracked (via the platforms file buffer mechanism) and matches updated when changes are saved. Clients who want their match positions automatically updated should return an implementation of IFileMatchAdapter from the getFileMatchAdapter() method in their search result implementation. It is assumed that the match adapters are stateless, and no lifecycle management is provided.

    Clients may implement this interface.

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    • Method Detail

      • computeContainedMatches

        Match[] computeContainedMatches​(AbstractTextSearchResult result,
                                        IFile file)
        Returns an array with all matches contained in the given file in the given search result. If the matches are not contained within an IFile, this method must return an empty array.
        result - the search result to find matches in
        file - the file to find matches in
        an array of matches (possibly empty)
      • getFile

        IFile getFile​(Object element)
        Returns the file associated with the given element (usually the file the element is contained in). If the element is not associated with a file, this method should return null.
        element - an element associated with a match
        the file associated with the element or null