Interface ISearchResultPage

All Superinterfaces:
IPage, IPageBookViewPage
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public interface ISearchResultPage extends IPageBookViewPage
Interface to be implemented by contributors to the extension point A ISearchResultPage is used to show the search results for a particular class of ISearchResult (as specified in the searchResultClass attribute of the extension point) in the search result view.

Clients may implement this interface.

  • Method Details

    • getUIState

      Object getUIState()
      Returns an object representing the current user interface state of the page. For example, the current selection in a viewer. The UI state will be later passed into the setInput() method when the currently shown ISearchResult is shown again.
      an object representing the UI state of this page
    • setInput

      void setInput(ISearchResult search, Object uiState)
      Sets the search result to be shown in this search results page. Implementers should restore UI state (e.g. selection) from the previously saved uiState object.
      search - the search result to be shown or null to clear the page.
      uiState - the previously saved UI state
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    • setViewPart

      void setViewPart(ISearchResultViewPart part)
      Sets the search view this search results page is shown in. This method will be called before the page is shown for the first time (i.e. before the page control is created).
      part - the parent search view
    • restoreState

      void restoreState(IMemento memento)
      Restores the page state. Note that this applies only to state that is saved across sessions.
      memento - a memento to restore the page state from or null if no previous state was saved
      See Also:
    • saveState

      void saveState(IMemento memento)
      Saves the page state in a memento. Note that this applies to state that should persist across sessions.
      memento - a memento to receive the object state
      See Also:
    • setID

      void setID(String id)
      Sets the id for this page. This method will be called before any other initialization is done.
      id - the id for this page
    • getID

      String getID()
      Returns the id set via setID.
      the id of this page
    • getLabel

      String getLabel()
      Returns a user readable label for this search result page. The label will be used to describe the contents for the page to the user (for example it will be displayed in the search view title bar). To take an example from file search, a label might read like this: 'test' - 896 matches in workspace.
      the user readable label for this search result page