Interface SignedContent

  • public interface SignedContent
    A SignedContent object represents content which may be signed. A SignedContentFactory is used to create signed content objects.

    A SignedContent object is intended to provide information about the signers of the content, and cannot be used to access the actual data of the content.

    This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients.

    This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients.
    • Method Detail

      • getSignedEntries

        SignedContentEntry[] getSignedEntries()
        Returns all entries of the content. The returned entries can be used to verify the entry content using SignedContentEntry.verify() and get signer info for each entry in this content using SignedContentEntry.getSignerInfos(). Note that this operation may be expensive because it requires an exhaustive search for entries over the entire content.

        Unsigned entries are included in the result. Entries for which signer info exists but no content is found are also returned. For example, when an entry is removed from a signed jar but the jar is not resigned, the signer thinks the entry should exist but the content got removed. This would be considered an invalid entry which would fail verification.

        all entries of the content
      • getSignedEntry

        SignedContentEntry getSignedEntry​(String name)
        Returns the signed entry for the specified name.
        name - the name of the entry
        the entry or null if the entry could not be found
      • getSignerInfos

        SignerInfo[] getSignerInfos()
        Returns all the signer infos for this SignedContent. If the content is not signed then an empty array is returned.
        all the signer infos for this SignedContent
      • isSigned

        boolean isSigned()
        Returns true if the content is signed; false otherwise. This is a convenience method equivalent to calling getSignerInfos().length > 0
        true if the content is signed
      • getSigningTime

        Date getSigningTime​(SignerInfo signerInfo)
        Returns the signing time for the signer info. If no TSA signers exist then null is returned
        signerInfo - the signer info to get the signing time for
        the signing time
      • getTSASignerInfo

        SignerInfo getTSASignerInfo​(SignerInfo signerInfo)
        Returns the TSA signer info used to authenticate the signer time of a signer info.
        signerInfo - the signer info to get the TSA signer for
        the TSA signer info