Interface LocaleProvider

  • public interface LocaleProvider
    A service that is used to determine what the current locale is for a particular context or session. If no LocaleProvider service is available then the locale must be determined by other means, for example, by calling Locale.getDefault().

    More advanced environments can support multiple locales within a single system. For example, a server may support multiple users, each needing a different locale. In such an environment a LocaleProvider service must be registered that can determine the current locale for the context of the call to the getLocale() method.

    • Method Detail

      • getLocale

        Locale getLocale()
        Determines the current locale for the context of the call to this method. For environments that support a single system wide locale, this is equivalent to calling Locale.getDefault().

        The result of this method should not be retained or passed to other threads. The current locale can change any time and may be different for each thread.

        The current locale.