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    public interface DebugOptionsListener
    extends EventListener
    A debug options listener is notified whenever one of its plug-in option-path entries is changed. A listener is registered as an OSGi service using the DebugOptions.LISTENER_SYMBOLICNAME service property to specify the symbolic name of the debug options listener.

    The optionsChanged(DebugOptions) method will automatically be called upon registration of the debug options listener service. This allows the listener to obtain the initial debug options. This initial call to the listener will happen even if debug is not enabled at the time of registration (DebugOptions.isDebugEnabled() will return false in this case).

    A debug options listener allows a bundle to cache trace option values in boolean fields for performance and code cleanliness. For example:
     public class Activator implements BundleActivator, DebugOptionsListener {
            public static boolean DEBUG = false;
            public static DebugTrace trace;
            public void start(BundleContext context) {
                    Hashtable props = new Hashtable(4);
                    props.put(DebugOptions.LISTENER_SYMBOLICNAME, "com.mycompany.mybundle");
                    context.registerService(DebugOptionsListener.class.getName(), this, props);
            public void optionsChanged(DebugOptions options) {
                    if (trace == null)
                            trace = options.newDebugTrace("com.mycompany.mybundle");
                    DEBUG = options.getBooleanOption("com.mycompany.mybundle/debug", false);
            public void doSomeWork() {
                    if (DEBUG)
                            trace.trace(null, "Doing some work");
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        void optionsChanged​(DebugOptions options)
        Notifies this listener that an option-path for its plug-in has changed. This method is also called initially by the DebugOptions implementation when the listener is registered as a service. This allows the listener to obtain the initial set of debug options without the need to acquire the debug options service.
        options - a reference to the DebugOptions