Interface CommandProvider

  • public interface CommandProvider
    When an object wants to provide a number of commands to the console, it should register an object with this interface. Some console can then pick this up and execute command lines. The SERVICE_RANKING registration property can be used to influence the order that a CommandProvider gets called. Specify a value less than Integer.MAXVALUE, where higher is more significant. The default value if SERVICE_RANKING is not set is 0.

    The interface contains only methods for the help. The console should use inspection to find the commands. All public commands, starting with a '_' and taking a CommandInterpreter as parameter will be found. E.g.

     public Object _hello( CommandInterpreter intp ) {
     return "hello " + intp.nextArgument();

    Clients may implement this interface.

    • Method Detail

      • getHelp

        String getHelp()
        Answer a string (may be as many lines as you like) with help texts that explain the command.