Interface IStatusContextViewer

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public interface IStatusContextViewer
Viewer to present the context object of a refactoring status entry.

Status context viewers are associated with a context object via the extension point org.eclipse.ltk.ui.refactoring.statusContextViewers. Implementors of this extension point must therefore implement this interface.

To ensure visual consistency across all provided context viewers the widget hierarchy provided through the method createControl(Composite) has to use a ViewForm as its root widget.

Clients of this interface should call createControl before calling setInput.

  • Method Details

    • createControl

      void createControl(Composite parent)
      Creates the status viewer's widget hierarchy. This method is only called once. Method getControl() should be used to retrieve the widget hierarchy.
      parent - the parent for the widget hierarchy
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    • getControl

      Control getControl()
      Returns the status context viewer's SWT control.
      the status context viewer's SWT control or null is the widget hierarchy hasn't been created yet
    • setInput

      void setInput(RefactoringStatusContext input)
      Sets the status context viewer's input element.
      input - the input element