Class FileStatusContext

  • public class FileStatusContext
    extends RefactoringStatusContext
    A file context can be used to annotate a RefactoringStatusEntry with detailed information about a problem detected in an IFile.

    Note: this class is not intended to be extended by clients.

    This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FileStatusContext

        public FileStatusContext​(IFile file,
                                 IRegion region)
        Creates an status entry context for the given file and source region.
        file - the file that has caused the problem. Must not be null
        region - the source region of the problem inside the given file or null if now source region is known
    • Method Detail

      • getFile

        public IFile getFile()
        Returns the context's file.
        the context's file
      • getTextRegion

        public IRegion getTextRegion()
        Returns the context's source region
        the context's source region or null if no source region has been set
      • getCorrespondingElement

        public Object getCorrespondingElement()
        Description copied from class: RefactoringStatusContext
        Returns the element that corresponds directly to this context, or null if there is no corresponding element.

        For example, the corresponding element of a context for a problem detected in an IResource would be the resource itself.

        Specified by:
        getCorrespondingElement in class RefactoringStatusContext
        the corresponding element