Interface IConcurrentModel

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractConcurrentModel, SetModel

@NoImplement public interface IConcurrentModel
Interface for a set of unordered elements that can fire change notifications. IConcurrentModel returns its contents asynchronous. Rather than implementing "get" methods, listeners can request an update and the model fires back information at its earliest convenience.

The model is allowed to send back notifications to its listeners in any thread, and the listeners must not assume that the notifications will arrive in the UI thread.

Not intended to be implemented by clients. Clients should subclass AbstractConcurrentModel instead.

  • Method Details

    • requestUpdate

      void requestUpdate(IConcurrentModelListener listener)
      Requests that the receiver to call the given listener's setContents(...) method at its earliest convenience. The receiver is allowed to compute the elements asynchronously. That is, it can compute the result in a background thread and call setContents(...) once the result is ready. If the result is too large to return in one batch, it can call setContents with an empty array followed by a sequence of adds.

      Has no effect if an update is already queued for an identical listener.

      listener - listener whose setContents method should be called. The listener must have been previously registered with addListener.
    • addListener

      void addListener(IConcurrentModelListener listener)
      Adds a listener to this model. The listener should be given the model's current contents (either through setContents or a sequence of adds) at the receiver's earliest convenience. The receiver will notify the listener about any changes in state until the listener is removed.

      Has no effect if an identical listener is already registered.

      listener - listener to add
    • removeListener

      void removeListener(IConcurrentModelListener listener)
      Removes a listener from this model. The receiver will stop sending notifications to the given listener as soon as possible (although some additional notifications may still if arrive if the receiver was in the process of sending notifications in another thread). Any pending updates for this listener will be cancelled.

      Has no effect if the given listener is not known to this model.

      listener - listener to remove