Interface IVerticalRulerInfoExtension

All Known Subinterfaces:
IChangeRulerColumn, IRevisionRulerColumn
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractRulerColumn, AnnotationColumn, AnnotationRulerColumn, ChangeRulerColumn, CompositeRuler, LineNumberChangeRulerColumn

public interface IVerticalRulerInfoExtension
Extension interface for IVerticalRulerInfo.

Introduces the ability to define a custom hover to be used when hovering over the vertical ruler described by this info instance, and to specify the annotation model used by it.

It also allows client to register as listeners on the represented vertical ruler and sends out notifications similar to selection events such as that a particular annotation presented in the vertical ruler has been selected.

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  • Method Details

    • getHover

      IAnnotationHover getHover()
      Returns the hover for this vertical ruler (column).
      the hover for this column
    • getModel

      IAnnotationModel getModel()
      Returns the model currently used by the receiver.
      the model of the receiver, or null if no model is installed.
    • addVerticalRulerListener

      void addVerticalRulerListener(IVerticalRulerListener listener)
      Registers a vertical ruler listener to be informed if an annotation gets selected on the vertical ruler.
      listener - the listener to be informed
    • removeVerticalRulerListener

      void removeVerticalRulerListener(IVerticalRulerListener listener)
      Removes a previously registered listener. If listener is not registered with the receiver, calling this method has no effect.
      listener - the listener to be removed