Interface IVerticalRulerColumn

All Known Subinterfaces:
IChangeRulerColumn, IContributedRulerColumn, IRevisionRulerColumn
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractContributedRulerColumn, AbstractRulerColumn, AnnotationColumn, AnnotationRulerColumn, ChangeRulerColumn, LineNumberChangeRulerColumn, LineNumberRulerColumn

public interface IVerticalRulerColumn
A vertical ruler column is an element that can be added to a composite vertical ruler (CompositeRuler). A composite vertical ruler is a vertical ruler with dynamically changing appearance and behavior depending on its actual arrangement of ruler columns. A vertical ruler column supports a subset of the contract of a vertical ruler.
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  • Method Details

    • setModel

      void setModel(IAnnotationModel model)
      Associates an annotation model with this ruler column. A value null is acceptable and clears the ruler.
      model - the new annotation model, may be null
    • redraw

      void redraw()
      Redraws this column.
    • createControl

      Control createControl(CompositeRuler parentRuler, Composite parentControl)
      Creates the column's SWT control.
      parentRuler - the parent ruler of this column
      parentControl - the control of the parent ruler
      the column's SWT control
    • getControl

      Control getControl()
      Returns the column's SWT control.
      the column's SWT control
    • getWidth

      int getWidth()
      Returns the width of this column's control.
      the width of this column's control
    • setFont

      void setFont(Font font)
      Sets the font of this ruler column.
      font - the new font of the ruler column