Interface IAnnotationHoverExtension

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    public interface IAnnotationHoverExtension
    Extension interface for IAnnotationHover for
    • providing its own information control creator
    • providing the range of lines for which the hover for a given line is valid
    • providing whether the information control can interact with the mouse cursor
    See Also:
    IInformationControlCreator, IAnnotationHover
    • Method Detail

      • getHoverControlCreator

        IInformationControlCreator getHoverControlCreator()
        Returns the hover control creator of this annotation hover.
        the hover control creator
      • canHandleMouseCursor

        boolean canHandleMouseCursor()
        Returns whether the provided information control can interact with the mouse cursor. I.e. the hover must implement custom information control management.
        true if the mouse cursor can be handled
      • getHoverInfo

        Object getHoverInfo​(ISourceViewer sourceViewer,
                            ILineRange lineRange,
                            int visibleNumberOfLines)
        Returns the object which should be presented in the a hover popup window. The information is requested based on the specified line range.
        sourceViewer - the source viewer this hover is registered with
        lineRange - the line range for which information is requested
        visibleNumberOfLines - the number of visible lines
        the requested information or null if no such information exists
      • getHoverLineRange

        ILineRange getHoverLineRange​(ISourceViewer viewer,
                                     int lineNumber)
        Returns the range of lines that include the given line number for which the same hover information is valid.
        viewer - the viewer which the hover is queried for
        lineNumber - the line number of the line for which a hover is displayed for
        the computed line range or null for no range