Interface AnnotationPainter.IDrawingStrategy

    • Method Detail

      • draw

        void draw​(Annotation annotation,
                  GC gc,
                  StyledText textWidget,
                  int offset,
                  int length,
                  Color color)
        Draws a decoration for an annotation onto the specified GC at the given text range. There are two different invocation modes of the draw method:
        • drawing mode: the passed GC is the graphics context of a paint event occurring on the text widget. The strategy should draw the decoration onto the graphics context, such that the decoration appears at the given range in the text widget.
        • clearing mode: the passed GC is null. In this case the strategy must invalidate enough of the text widget's client area to cover any decoration drawn in drawing mode. This can usually be accomplished by calling textWidget.redrawRange(offset, length, true).
        annotation - the annotation to be drawn
        gc - the graphics context, null when in clearing mode
        textWidget - the text widget to draw on
        offset - the offset of the line
        length - the length of the line
        color - the color of the line