Class NumberRule

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    public class NumberRule
    extends Object
    implements IRule
    An implementation of IRule detecting a numerical value.
    • Field Detail


        protected static final int UNDEFINED
        Internal setting for the un-initialized column constraint
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        Constant Field Values
      • fToken

        protected IToken fToken
        The token to be returned when this rule is successful
      • fColumn

        protected int fColumn
        The column constraint
    • Constructor Detail

      • NumberRule

        public NumberRule​(IToken token)
        Creates a rule which will return the specified token when a numerical sequence is detected.
        token - the token to be returned
    • Method Detail

      • setColumnConstraint

        public void setColumnConstraint​(int column)
        Sets a column constraint for this rule. If set, the rule's token will only be returned if the pattern is detected starting at the specified column. If the column is smaller then 0, the column constraint is considered removed.
        column - the column in which the pattern starts
      • evaluate

        public IToken evaluate​(ICharacterScanner scanner)
        Description copied from interface: IRule
        Evaluates the rule by examining the characters available from the provided character scanner. The token returned by this rule returns true when calling isUndefined, if the text that the rule investigated does not match the rule's requirements
        Specified by:
        evaluate in interface IRule
        scanner - the character scanner to be used by this rule
        the token computed by the rule