Interface IPredicateRule

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    EndOfLineRule, MultiLineRule, PatternRule, SingleLineRule, WordPatternRule

    public interface IPredicateRule
    extends IRule
    Defines the interface for a rule used in the scanning of text for the purpose of document partitioning or text styling. A predicate rule can only return one single token after having successfully detected content. This token is called success token. Also, it also returns a token indicating that this rule has not been successful.
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      • getSuccessToken

        IToken getSuccessToken()
        Returns the success token of this predicate rule.
        the success token of this rule
      • evaluate

        IToken evaluate​(ICharacterScanner scanner,
                        boolean resume)
        Evaluates the rule by examining the characters available from the provided character scanner. The token returned by this rule returns true when calling isUndefined, if the text that the rule investigated does not match the rule's requirements. Otherwise, this method returns this rule's success token. If this rules relies on a text pattern comprising a opening and a closing character sequence this method can also be called when the scanner is positioned already between the opening and the closing sequence. In this case, resume must be set to true.
        scanner - the character scanner to be used by this rule
        resume - indicates that the rule starts working between the opening and the closing character sequence
        the token computed by the rule