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public interface IPartitionTokenScanner extends ITokenScanner
A partition token scanner returns tokens that represent partitions. For that reason, a partition token scanner is vulnerable in respect to the document offset it starts scanning. In a simple case, a partition token scanner must always start at a partition boundary. A partition token scanner can also start in the middle of a partition, if it knows the type of the partition. Originally since 2.0, but moved to org.eclipse.text in 3.14
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    • setPartialRange

      void setPartialRange(IDocument document, int offset, int length, String contentType, int partitionOffset)
      Configures the scanner by providing access to the document range that should be scanned. The range may not only contain complete partitions but starts at the beginning of a line in the middle of a partition of the given content type. This requires that a partition delimiter can not contain a line delimiter.
      document - the document to scan
      offset - the offset of the document range to scan
      length - the length of the document range to scan
      contentType - the content type at the given offset
      partitionOffset - the offset at which the partition of the given offset starts