Package org.eclipse.jface.text.quickassist

package org.eclipse.jface.text.quickassist
This package provides the quick assist assistant add-on for an ISourceViewer. The quick assist assistant's purpose is to propose, display, and insert quick assists and quick fixes available at the current source viewer's quick assist invocation context.

A quick fix is a completion that can correct a problem reported and visible through an Annotation while a quick assist is not related to a problem or Annotation. Since quick assists can be proposed where appropriate they are normally not visible in the viewer. The quick assist assistant implementation in this package can show the quick assists that are available on the current line.

Package Specification

IQuickAssistAssistant defines the concept of the quick assist assistant add-on. It collaborates with a quick assist processor (IQuickAssistProcessor) in order to generate quick fix and quick assist completion proposals (ICompletionProposal) available at the current quick assist invocation context (IQuickAssistInvocationContext). The package provides a default implementation QuickAssistAssistant which completely defines and implements the UI and the control flow for a quick assist assistant.