Interface IPresentationRepairer

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    DefaultDamagerRepairer, RuleBasedDamagerRepairer

    public interface IPresentationRepairer
    A presentation repairer is a strategy used by a presentation reconciler to rebuild a damaged region in a document's presentation. A presentation repairer is assumed to be specific for a particular document content type. The presentation repairer gets the region which it should repair and constructs a "repair description". The presentation repairer merges the steps contained within this description into the text presentation passed into createPresentation.

    This interface may be implemented by clients. Alternatively, clients may use the rule-based default implementation DefaultDamagerRepairer. Implementers should be registered with a presentation reconciler in order get involved in the reconciling process.

    See Also:
    IPresentationReconciler, IDocument, StyleRange, TextPresentation
    • Method Detail

      • setDocument

        void setDocument​(IDocument document)
        Tells the presentation repairer on which document it will work.
        document - the damager's working document
      • createPresentation

        void createPresentation​(TextPresentation presentation,
                                ITypedRegion damage)
        Fills the given presentation with the style ranges which when applied to the presentation reconciler's text viewer repair the presentation damage described by the given region.
        presentation - the text presentation to be filled by this repairer
        damage - the damage to be repaired