Interface IInformationProvider

    • Method Detail

      • getSubject

        IRegion getSubject​(ITextViewer textViewer,
                           int offset)
        Returns the region of the text viewer's document close to the given offset that contains a subject about which information can be provided.

        For example, if information can be provided on a per code block basis, the offset should be used to find the enclosing code block and the source range of the block should be returned.

        textViewer - the text viewer in which information has been requested
        offset - the offset at which information has been requested
        the region of the text viewer's document containing the information subject
      • getInformation

        String getInformation​(ITextViewer textViewer,
                              IRegion subject)
        Returns the information about the given subject or null if no information is available. It depends on the concrete configuration in which format the information is to be provided. For example, information presented in an information control displaying HTML, should be provided in HTML.
        textViewer - the viewer in whose document the subject is contained
        subject - the text region constituting the information subject
        the information about the subject
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