Class MultiPassContentFormatter.NonDeletingPositionUpdater

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    protected class MultiPassContentFormatter.NonDeletingPositionUpdater
    extends DefaultPositionUpdater
    Position updater that shifts otherwise deleted positions to the next non-whitespace character. The length of the positions are truncated to one if the position was shifted.
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      • NonDeletingPositionUpdater

        public NonDeletingPositionUpdater​(String category)
        Creates a new non-deleting position updater.
        category - The position category to update its positions
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      • notDeleted

        protected final boolean notDeleted()
        Description copied from class: DefaultPositionUpdater
        Determines whether the currently investigated position has been deleted by the replace operation specified in the current event. If so, it deletes the position and removes it from the document's position category.
        notDeleted in class DefaultPositionUpdater
        true if position has not been deleted