Interface IContentAssistantExtension2

All Known Implementing Classes:
ContentAssistant, SubjectControlContentAssistant

public interface IContentAssistantExtension2
Extends IContentAssistant with the following functions:
  • completion listeners
  • repeated invocation mode
  • a local status line for the completion popup
  • control over the behavior when no proposals are available
  • Method Details

    • addCompletionListener

      void addCompletionListener(ICompletionListener listener)
      Adds a completion listener that will be informed before proposals are computed.
      listener - the listener
    • removeCompletionListener

      void removeCompletionListener(ICompletionListener listener)
      Removes a completion listener.
      listener - the listener to remove
    • setRepeatedInvocationMode

      void setRepeatedInvocationMode(boolean cycling)
      Enables repeated invocation mode, which will trigger re-computation of the proposals when code assist is executed repeatedly. The default is no false.
      cycling - true to enable repetition mode, false to disable
    • setShowEmptyList

      void setShowEmptyList(boolean showEmpty)
      Enables displaying an empty completion proposal pop-up. The default is not to show an empty list.
      showEmpty - true to show empty lists
    • setStatusLineVisible

      void setStatusLineVisible(boolean show)
      Enables displaying a status line below the proposal popup. The default is not to show the status line. The contents of the status line may be set via setStatusMessage(String).
      show - true to show a message line, false to not show one.
    • setStatusMessage

      void setStatusMessage(String message)
      Sets the caption message displayed at the bottom of the completion proposal popup.
      message - the message
    • setEmptyMessage

      void setEmptyMessage(String message)
      Sets the text to be shown if no proposals are available and empty lists are displayed.
      message - the text for the empty list