Interface ICompletionProposalExtension5

  • public interface ICompletionProposalExtension5
    Extends ICompletionProposal with the following function:
    • Allow background computation of the additional info.
    • Method Detail

      • getAdditionalProposalInfo

        Object getAdditionalProposalInfo​(IProgressMonitor monitor)
        Returns additional information about the proposal. The additional information will be presented to assist the user in deciding if the selected proposal is the desired choice.

        This method may be called on a non-UI thread.

        By default, the returned information is converted to a string and displayed as text; if ICompletionProposalExtension3.getInformationControlCreator() is implemented, the information will be passed to a custom information control for display.

        monitor - a monitor to report progress and to watch for cancelation.
        the additional information, null for no information