Interface ICompletionProposalExtension2

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    public interface ICompletionProposalExtension2
    Extends ICompletionProposal with the following functions:
    • handling of trigger characters with modifiers
    • visual indication for selection of a proposal
    • Method Detail

      • apply

        void apply​(ITextViewer viewer,
                   char trigger,
                   int stateMask,
                   int offset)
        Applies the proposed completion to the given document. The insertion has been triggered by entering the given character with a modifier at the given offset. This method assumes that validate(IDocument, int, DocumentEvent) returns true if called for offset.
        viewer - the text viewer into which to insert the proposed completion
        trigger - the trigger to apply the completion
        stateMask - the state mask of the modifiers
        offset - the offset at which the trigger has been activated
      • selected

        void selected​(ITextViewer viewer,
                      boolean smartToggle)
        Called when the proposal is selected.
        viewer - the text viewer.
        smartToggle - the smart toggle key was pressed
      • unselected

        void unselected​(ITextViewer viewer)
        Called when the proposal is unselected.
        viewer - the text viewer.
      • validate

        boolean validate​(IDocument document,
                         int offset,
                         DocumentEvent event)
        Requests the proposal to be validated with respect to the document event. If the proposal cannot be validated, the methods returns false. If the document event was null, only the caret offset was changed, but not the document. This method replaces ICompletionProposalExtension.isValidFor(IDocument, int)
        document - the document
        offset - the caret offset
        event - the document event, may be null