Interface ILineTrackerExtension

    • Method Detail

      • startRewriteSession

        void startRewriteSession​(DocumentRewriteSession session)
                          throws IllegalStateException
        Tells the line tracker that a rewrite session started. A rewrite session is a sequence of replace operations that form a semantic unit. The line tracker is allowed to use that information for internal optimization.
        session - the rewrite session
        IllegalStateException - in case there is already an active rewrite session
      • stopRewriteSession

        void stopRewriteSession​(DocumentRewriteSession session,
                                String text)
        Tells the line tracker that the rewrite session has finished. This method is only called when startRewriteSession has been called before. The text resulting from the rewrite session is passed to the line tracker.
        session - the rewrite session
        text - the text with which to re-initialize the line tracker