Interface IFindReplaceTargetExtension

  • public interface IFindReplaceTargetExtension
    Extension interface for IFindReplaceTarget.

    Introduces the concepts of find/replace sessions, searching in a limiting scope and a replace-all mode.

    If a scope is set, findAndSelect is limited to the scope. Occurrences outside of the scope are not considered.

    • Method Detail

      • beginSession

        void beginSession()
        Indicates that a session with the target begins. All calls except beginSession() and endSession() to IFindReplaceTarget and IFindReplaceTargetExtension must be embedded within calls to beginSession() and endSession().
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      • endSession

        void endSession()
        Indicates that a session with the target ends.
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      • getScope

        IRegion getScope()
        Returns the find scope of the target, null for global scope.
        returns the find scope of the target, may be null
      • setScope

        void setScope​(IRegion scope)
        Sets the find scope of the target to operate on. null indicates that the global scope should be used.
        scope - the find scope of the target, may be null
      • getLineSelection

        Point getLineSelection()
        Returns the currently selected range of lines as a offset and length.
        the currently selected line range
      • setScopeHighlightColor

        void setScopeHighlightColor​(Color color)
        Sets the scope highlight color
        color - the color of the scope highlight
      • setReplaceAllMode

        void setReplaceAllMode​(boolean replaceAll)
        Sets the target's replace-all mode.
        replaceAll - true if this target should switch into replace-all mode, false if it should leave the replace-all state