Interface IDocumentExtension2

    • Method Detail

      • ignorePostNotificationReplaces

        void ignorePostNotificationReplaces()
        Tells the receiver to ignore calls to registerPostNotificationReplace until acceptPostNotificationReplaces is called.
      • acceptPostNotificationReplaces

        void acceptPostNotificationReplaces()
        Tells the receiver to accept calls to registerPostNotificationReplace until ignorePostNotificationReplaces is called.
      • stopListenerNotification

        void stopListenerNotification()
        Can be called prior to a replace operation. After the replace resumeListenerNotification must be called. The effect of these calls is that no document listener is notified until resumeListenerNotification is called. This allows clients to update structure before any listener is informed about the change.

        Listener notification can only be stopped for a single replace operation. Otherwise, document change notifications will be lost.

      • resumeListenerNotification

        void resumeListenerNotification()
        Resumes the notification of document listeners which must previously have been stopped by a call to stopListenerNotification.