Class FindReplaceDocumentAdapterContentProposalProvider

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    public class FindReplaceDocumentAdapterContentProposalProvider
    extends Object
    implements IContentProposalProvider
    Content assist proposal provider for the FindReplaceDocumentAdapter.

    Clients can subclass to provide additional proposals in case they are supported by their own find/replace mechanism.

    Note: Clients must not make any assumptions about the returned proposals. This can change from release to release to adapt to changes made in FindReplaceDocumentAdapter.

    • Constructor Detail

      • FindReplaceDocumentAdapterContentProposalProvider

        public FindReplaceDocumentAdapterContentProposalProvider​(boolean isFind)
        Creates a new completion proposal provider.
        isFind - true if the provider is used for the 'find' field false if the provider is used for the 'replace' field
    • Method Detail

      • getProposals

        public IContentProposal[] getProposals​(String contents,
                                               int position)
        Description copied from interface: IContentProposalProvider
        Return an array of content proposals representing the valid proposals for a field.
        Specified by:
        getProposals in interface IContentProposalProvider
        contents - the current contents of the text field
        position - the current position of the cursor in the contents
        the array of IContentProposal that represent valid proposals for the field.